Eyes on Health with Dr. Pang of Trinity Eyecare

Eyes on Health with Dr. Pang of Trinity Eyecare

“He’s got his EYE on my health.. Let me give you a little history about how I met Pang.” 

JEFF: “Alright, well let’s get started here with a very important guest,  a long time friend and client of mine. We have worked with Dr. Pang with my company Real News PR. He has made dozens and dozens of media appearances from stories ranging from dangers of blue light to proper eye care for health and wellness.”

View the exclusive story, Dr. Pang saves Jeff Crilley’s Eyesight, Story by Real News Communications Team

Jeff shares his personal story about finding out what was happening to his eyes right under his nose! 

Jeff was a guest on The Jeff Crilley Show back in 2015, Check out the interview talking about kids vision!

The indoor lifestyle can be dangerous for children’s eyesight Jeff Crilley Show features Dr. Pang

Thirty years ago, children spent their summers outdoors only returning to the house for dinner. Now? They stay home glued to a screen. As a result of this technology evolution, children are becoming nearsighted earlier. Dr. Albert Pang gives parents advice on how to prevent this and fight against the indoor culture plaguing today’s generations. 

Dr. Pang is located in Plano:

Check out Dr. Pang’s recent appearances in the news: https://www.trinityeyecare.com/press.html

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/TrinityEyeCareTexas/

YouTube Channel with educational videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrAlbertPang